buy generic zithromax Here are a couple of our latest Swimming Pool Services Reviews from our Calabasas clients. We work hard to make sure you get a professional consistent and reliable pool service. We also strive to do the best repairs and replacements for pumps, filters, motors and underwater lighting installations.

Swimming Pool Services Reviews Calabasas CA

Calabasas Swimming Pool Services Reviews“Terry and his crew give top shelf swimming pool services and the best customer service! Always willing to explain to us (in a way we understand) what’s needed to keep our pool and it’s equipment professionally maintained. We first contacted Terry after coming home from a 3 day weekend out-of-town to see that our pool’s water level had dropped signficantly. He was able to come do a pool water leak detection the next day and found that after checking our pump and motor that we had a leak in our pump. It was an old single speed model that was almost 10 years old that had gone bad. Terry was able to replace the old model and replace it with new energy-saving variable speed pump. Not only that we learned that DWP was offering rebates when installing a new variable speed pump. We ended up getting a new model that would have cost us over $1,000 dollars for a few hundred bucks! This only happened because Terry is a certified aquatic technician by the City of Los Angeles. He made the process painless by being able to buy and install the pump for us. Wow what a difference it made on our energy bill. We are now paying 20% less each month on our electricity bill. Wow, we never thought a pool pump could use so much energy! We have nothing but praise and great reviews for all the work they’ve done for us each week for 9 months now. Thanks guys for the great swimming pool service!”

Jim and Nancy – Calabasas

Pool Service Reviews Calabasas CA“After three years of continuous swimming pool services and no reviews on my part I thought it was time to let others know about the pool services we have from Terry and his team. As a customer referred by my next door neighbor It seems like I’m being treated as a friend and not a customer. They take the extra time to explain any issues that need fixed and are always upfront with pricing which is more than fair. Besides the week by week maintenance that keeps our swimming water looking its best we are always updated with info that can benefit our system. We had a new neighbor move in a few doors down and his water had turned green for lack of cleaning and maintenance. I recommended Terry who did a green pool cleaning and my neighbor was so pleased he even hired him for their regular up-keep. Terry even gave me a free month of service and a discount on repairing my underwater pool light for the referral too! I rest better during the evening realizing that there is somebody whom I can trust. I’ve compared pricing with other neighbors and found that we are getting an affordable price on services we receive. It’s costly to keep up a pool and hard to find a company that you can trust to handle all aspects of your system. As long as I have a backyard with water for swimming in I will stick with Terry and his team to service my pool and spa.”

Chet – Calabasas

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